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Absolute purity with treasures from Chios island!

Discover our solution to modern lifestyle, in which skin gets daily exposed to hundreds of atmosphere pollutant factors. It is a unique, gentle cooling cleansing mask which offers a completely natural peeling due to the enzymes of pineapple and papaya it contains. This way, dead skin cells are effectively removed and skin becomes bright and shinny, without any kind of irritation. Activated carbon helps skin to defend against external elements and absorbs urban pollution impurities. Green apple and Chios mastic are essential active ingredients against the signs of aging that restore the lost luster, offering a youthful glow.

Mastic, a precious derivative of a unique greek tree in the island of Chios, revives epidermal cells and helps in the regeneration of skin after injuries and burns, by assisting in the formation of collagen and elastin. What is more, mastic normalizes skin oil glands, regulates skin oiliness, combating thus related skin issues such as acne.

The combination of activated carbon*, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay and bitter orange, provides a powerful detoxification combo expelling toxins, metals and environmental contaminants from skin.
* 100% natural activated carbon from coconut shell without chemical residues. The best quality and the most effective charcoal. With a surface area 1600-1800 m2/g, which is extremely high value and represents an excellent adsorption ability.

Organic origin green apple contains vitamin C with high transdermal absorption (VC-IP), a powerful antioxidant and building block of collagen proteins. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful ingredients against brown spots, providing thus a whitening effect. The polyphenols, especially Quercetin, are essential active ingredients against the signs of aging, since they restore the lost luster offering a youthful glow.

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