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The Project

Ariadne Athens is a Greek-born concept of high end skin care products that approaches the science of beauty from a more elaborate vantage point. Our company provides a complete deluxe line of 99% to 100% natural spa products and treatments for face and body.

Merging unique bio-actives with natural and rare, organic Mediterranean ingredients, Ariadne Athens aspires to provide the ultimate skin care experience, with products which promise to give the skin a soft and delicate texture, embellishing its inner beauty.

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Unique gifts that symbolizes everlasting love!

The overarching vision has been to create a luxury gifts which doesn’t just include products, but joyful moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Ariadne Athens aims to bring a whirlwind of emotion to every occasion, to every apology and to every congratulation. Our ethos is centered on the notion of spreading love, joy and happiness throughout society, to make the world a more positive and giving place that is tied together by meaningful, cherished moments which last forever.

Best Sellers

Natural Lifting Potion

Natural lifting gel, alternative to botulinum toxin injections.

Wild Rose Face Oil

A powerful brightening oil infused with real rose petals. 

Miracle Skin Reinventing Gel

Discover a new breakthrough and experience smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin.

Crystal Rose Lifting Serum

V Shape Lifting & Glass Skin with Bio-Peptides and Plant Stem Cells.

Jasmine & Gardenia Body Scrub

Velvet Body Scrub with Jasmine and Gardenia fragrance.
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«Premium beauty campaign for British Vogue»
Issues June-July-August 2019

Best Spa Brand for 2018, along with the seal of excellence “Signum Virtutis”., awarded by the Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards (SSLHLA).

«Luxepitality Meets: Ariadni Diamanti CEO and Founder of Ariadne Athens Premium Natural Skin Wellness»

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