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Spa Treatments

Premium treatments that will exceed your expectations

We have a range of luxurious treatments from facials to massage to full body treatments, each carefully designed with complete relaxation of body and soul.

Greek Luxury Treatmens

Spa Islands

An exhilarating journey that travels the mind and soul to the unique, picturesque landscapes of the Greek islands. Inspired by the sumptuously relaxed atmosphere the majestic Mediterranean blue sea has to offer, these lavish facial rituals promise to indulge your skin with their velvety textures and sensual aromas, while revealing a firmer, more hydrated, supple, radiant look.

Signature Treatments

Luxuriate yourself in a series of carefully designed rituals that carry the seal of excellence Ariadne Athens experience has to offer. Choose among a wide range of outstanding treatments which emphasize on the uniqueness of a deluxe, natural, pampering practice.

Minoan Princess

Let us make you feel like a real Princess! Indulge in the genuine earthy notes of the Isle of Crete, luxuriate in the unprecedented benefits of rare herbs, relax in the velvet textures that cover your skin, as each and every step of these treatments imbue your senses in a world of opulence.     

Nymph of Corfu

The absolute multi-vitamin treatment for your skin! The most proprietary anti-oxidants, vitamins and more, blend in a unique treatment to offer your skin absolute nourishment! Feel your skin become stronger, healthier. These treatments are highly recommended before sun exposure or any kind of extreme environmental and weather conditions.

Under the Moonlight

A mesmerizing touch for your skin, a unique ritual for your senses, a mystifying journey for your soul! The outstanding power of crystals seduces every cell of your skin, as the properties of sensuous Rose Quartz, delicate Aquamarine and captivating Moonstone orchestrate the most luxurious and perfectly balanced Anti-Ageing treatment. We suggest you experience these treatments after Sunset, allowing yourself to fully indulge in the interactive power between the crystals and the Moonlight, when their utmost healing energy is released!

Santorini Lava Touch

Supercharged body treatment based on the supreme power of Santorini’s volcanic lava clay which fights cellulite and excess fat, while stimulating blood flow to increase metabolism. Combining a plethora of active ingredients such as algae, basil and cinnamon, this treatment helps activate the lymphatic system and decongest the body, efficiently removing toxins. The wrapping technique applied in the end helps firm and tone the body, while providing evident inch loss and a visibly smoother appearance.

Botanical Springs

Full body detoxing massage. Guide your mind, body and soul onto a dream botanical voyage! Feel your skin soft and supple, as Olive kernel grains along with ayurvedic Rubia Cordifolia plant deeply exfoliate, while the powerful combination of Rose Petals with Iris flower help skin regain its elasticity. Rejuvenate each and every part of your body with a thoroughly cleansing and detoxifying body mask, imbued with the sparkling notes of Holy Basil and Lemongrass that purify and hydrate. Then, surrender to the, rich in anti-oxidants and healing properties, innovative blend of pure Dittany oil infused with Cretan Crocus (Saffron), along with the cooling sensation of Ivy, Green Tea and Grapefruit, that dance in harmony to protect and firm your skin, while offering a healthy radiance and youthful appearance.

Melting Sensation

Indulge your senses in a mystifying massage ritual that will entice your mind, body and soul. Lay back and unwind while the heated solid waxes slowly turn into liquid oil, as the mesmerizing flame gently burns the candle. Now, feel the delicately scented warm drops touch your skin, and envelop your whole body in a velvet textured massage that will satisfy even the most sophisticated massage recipient. Succumb, as the warm oil deeply penetrates the skin’s surface, releasing its unique beneficial properties, and its sensuous fragrance seduces the mind. An outstanding, sacramental experience of aromatherapy, relaxation & rejuvenation that promotes bliss, balance and well-being!

Alluring Dark Chocolate Crave

Indulge in a burst of chocolate aromas that trigger the state of euphoria and revitalize your senses. Take pleasure in a uniquely captivating experience of chocolate flavors, which combines the invigorating notes of Mocha in a fine sugar crystal body scrub and an intoxicating, signature body massage with edible, liquid chocolate extract oil! The ritual is meticulously designed to stimulate specific areas of the brain responsive to the feelings of happiness, which help reduce stress and improve the mood while offering a sweet delight! The high content of minerals and trace elements offers rich anti-oxidant benefits that regenerate an overall healthier appearance.  A dangerously irresistible temptation even for non-chocolate lovers!

Skin Rebirth Miracle Skin Renewal

A high-performance, all-in-one, personalized treatment, that promises to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, deeply moisturize and regenerate the skin, soothe redness and irritation, heal scars, reinforce natural cellular turnover and improve overall appearance. Your face, décolletage, hands and arms are immersed in a shower of wellness through a series of fully custom-made products and exclusive techniques, that address their individual concerns, ultimately presenting an entirely renewed look. Your skin is recharged. Your skin is reformed. Your skin is reborn!

Everlasting Experiences

There are certain experiences which cultivate memories and emotions that last forever. There are certain rituals, designed with respect to the human body and soul, performed with love and affection, to provide the utmost sense of indulgement. We have carefully designed for you a series of luxury treatments, that target specific needs; The ones that challenge us every day. Choose among a wide range of specialized practices, and spoil yourself with a mythical, sensational experience of a euphoria retreat.

Supreme Hydration Experience

A Highly rejuvenating and ultimately hydrating experience that fully replenishes skin’s moisture levels while offering anti-ageing benefits. Feel your skin soft and supple with an immediately healthy and radiant appearance. Allow yourself to experience the soothing effect of rosewater intertwining with the thirst-quenching aromas of lime, while your skin indulges in the unique moisturizing benefits of our precious Cretan Queen mask. Deeply moisturizing and restorative oils, restore hydration and smoothness to dry and damaged skin, while enfolding your whole body and all your senses in a rejuvenating wrap. Final moisturizers seal-in all the beneficial properties that precede, while ensuring they are maintained thereafter.

Ultimate Lift & Firm Experience

The Ultimate firming experience for your skin, empowered by the precious benefits of acorn flour! Allow us to reveal your most sculpted contour with our unique skincare regime, all included in this beneficial treatment. The gentle but thorough enzymic peel, enriched with Chios mastic, instantly brightens the skin and smoothes away any imperfections. The facial massage with Evening Primrose Oil replenishes lost moisture and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, while firming & calming Kea Mask offers a “lifting” sensation that instantly defines the contour and evens out the skin tone, and soothes any irritation. Final creams lock-in moisture and seal the firming effect, to offer a complete youthful appearance.

Kea Sea Breeze Sooth & Smooth Experience

Sensitive, irritated skin? Prominent to sunburn, outbursts or allergic reactions? This treatment is specifically designed for you and your skin’s special needs! The carefully selected ingredients used in this facial are rich in soothing elements that calm the skin and reduce irritation. Alkanna Tinctoria offers strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, while mastic provides anti-bacterial and anti-septic benefits and is widely known for its strong soothing effect. Comfrey root offers a healing and regenerating action, and Centella Asiatica combined with Lavender help improve overall skin’s appearance. Gradually, your skin regains its own strength to fight external stressors that cause irritation, while skin’s natural moisture barrier becomes more resilient to maintaining its natural hydration levels. Feel your skin calm, soothed and moisturized with a naturally healthy appearance.

Deep Cleanse & Skin Detox Experience

This effective, deep cleansing facial results in radiant skin, while restoring the correct moisture levels and pH balance. Gentle facial cleanser creates a dense foam texture that whisks off any impurities. Fruit enzymes followed by steam action and the appropriate extraction, where required, contribute effectively to a thorough cleansing. The anti-irritant properties of soothing mask rich in lavender and acorn flour, prepare the skin for the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of oregano and propolis, which create a silk-effect barrier that seals in moisture, while maintaining a healthy matt finish.

The Hammam Experience – Head-to-Toe Detox

Treat yourself to all the mesmerizing benefits of a hammam ritual, without having to visit one! Indulge in the lavish aromas of Wild Rose intertwining with Geranium, as the refreshingly cleansing face mask, with Zeolite and White Clay, touches your skin to absorb impurities and help defend itself against external stressors. Allow the enticing notes of Iris and Cinnamon to seduce your mind while mineral-rich Sleek Hair Hammam Mask is applied, removing toxins and all signs of damaged hair, only to leave them deeply hydrated, smooth and with a healthy shine. Complete the ritual of an absolute full body detox, as Holy Basil combined with Mediterranean Coral in Fresh Body Hammam Mask, gently wrap your body, to purify and deeply hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and clean, with a silky, radiant appearance.

Relishing & Refreshing Head & Foot Experience

Feel this ritual release all the tension through a relishing and refreshing hand and foot massage. Allow the fine crystals of the body scrub to slough off any rough skin, while subtly scenting your extremities with the delicate aromas of warm & sophisticated Jasmine combined with the luxurious and sensuous floral notes of Gardenia. Following, indulge your skin in the lush, earthy aromas of Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen comprised in Cretan Queen Hydrating Mask, and feel your skin acquire a silky touch, while a mild massage with lavish Coconut Oil scented with Neroli essential oil, contributes to seal-in all the moisture and nourishment.

Cocoon & Revitalize Your Senses Experience

Meticulously designed, from beginning to end, to gradually detoxify each and every part of your body and completely quiet the mind, ultimately offering the most lavish, cocooning experience for all your senses. The mesmerizing aromatic combination of precious Frankincense & enticing Patchouli, imbued in the body scrub, conveys the senses to a place of absolute calmness, preparing the way for the sparkling notes of luminous Orange peel combined with warm Cinnamon and mystifying Ylang-Ylang to balance your mind and revitalize your body, through a divine experience. The perfectly orchestrated massage movements of this treatment seduce your senses in a unique journey of relaxation that will essentially revitalize your mind, body and soul completely.

Scandalous Silky Legs Massage

Your smoothest, silkiest legs ever! Alluring notes of Jasmine & Gardenia white petals sugar crystals combined with Almond Oil captivate your senses, while indulging your skin in an extravagantly rich moisture bath. Sensational aromas of cinnamon intertwining with grapefruit invigorate the mind, while a mix of carefully selected essential oils tone the body and promote elasticity, as the warm massage oil that touches your skin creates a silky smooth, velvet-like feel. Feel confident in your most attractive curves!

Mini Rituals

Choose to delight yourself in one of the short-timed rituals that promise to satisfy your senses and indulge your skin, while allowing you to meet your busy schedule. Instantly revitalize and obtain a luminous touch, reveal a healthy-glowing look, set yourself free from any kind of tension, ward off a stressful day or entice everyone with the most sparkling and radiant eye look.  

Waterlily Touch After Sun Treatment

A fully restorative and rejuvenating after-sun body treatment that offers a sense of fresh coolness, after extensive sun exposure! An anti-inflammatory and hydrating treatment which helps to deeply hydrate sun burnt skin and eliminate irritation. The application of a refreshing gel mask with waterlily, cucumber, aloe vera and yoghurt replenishes the skin’s lipids and provides high moisture and smoothness.

Mesmerising & Mystifying Head & Hand Massage

A sensational voyage that combines the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic rituals with the lavish aromatic herbal zests of Greece. An invigorating, yet totally relaxing head massage, lush in the aromas of calming Lavender, bright Rosemary, soothing Tea tree wonderfully blended with delicately scented, healing Laurel oil, initiates the intoxicating journey. Complemented by the sensuous blend of Orange, Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang, a pampering hand massage delivers the utmost calming effect for, both, your mind and body. Silk-like body butter, rich in the exotic notes of pure Coconut, completes this perfectly balanced, de-stressing experience.

Rejuvanating & Nourishing Foot Massage

Naturally superior Starflower Oil restores moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin, through this, extra-nourishing, foot ritual. The delicate Jasmine & Gardenia white petals scrub leaves your skin silky soft, ready to receive the complementary benefits of the essential mask that follows. Extravagantly rich, ultra-luxurious blend of a cream base with Red grape gel and Starflower oil creates an intensively hydrating, velvet-like foot mask that wraps your skin in a silk touch. Feel your feet baby soft, rejuvenated and thoroughly nourished!      

Fatigue Legs Relief Massage

Refreshing notes of spearmint mingle with the velvet texture of chocolate sugar crystals to slowly stimulate the blood flow and offer a cooling sensation, as the body scrub smooths away dry, flaky skin. Potent red grape blends with Cretan raki in a, rich in anti-oxidants, gel mask that nourishes and renews the skin, as a pampering massage experience, lush in moisturizing properties of Coconut oil, deeply hydrates. Finally, calming yoghurt powder mixed with the gel mask offers ultimate comfort for tired legs.

Radiant Face

Luminous, radiant skin with an instant infusion of intense hydration and multiple anti-ageing benefits. Thoroughly cleansing enzymic peel gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, gradually revealing a silky-smooth appearance. Soft and delicate, naturally-scented Wild Rose oil replenishes the skin through a deeply nourishing facial massage, delivering essential elements that promote skin’s vitality and youthfulness, offering a vividly radiant look.   

Urban Escape

Delight yourself in a 35 min treatment that will allow your senses to escape from everyday routine. Feel your muscles release all the tension, while the luxurious chocolate & orange peel fragrance envelops your skin and exhilarates your mind. The brown sugar mocha scented crystals gently buff away dry skin cells, revealing a soft and smooth skin. The aromatic notes of real Chocolate & Orange peel oils that cover your skin, allow for the most supple and radiant look.

Sparkling Eyes

A visibly revived look! Reveal your most radiant and luminous eyes with this exclusively designed eye treatment. A mild enzymic peel with unique Chios Mastic, brightens dull and dehydrated skin, while the revitalizing massage with nourishing, precious Evening Primrose oil, offers a natural, healthy glow. The eyes ritual, comprised of an innovative, highly-concentrated eye gel complemented by a proprietary blackcurrant peel-off mask, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Eye area is visibly hydrated, bright-ened, renewed and recharged. Your most youthful-looking skin is revealed!

Confetti Rainfall Shower

A fast and invigorating, full body exfoliation treatment lush in captivating aromas of jasmine, gardenia and coconut. Delicate white sugar crystals softly remove dead skin cells, while promoting body circulation. As a result, the body’s skin regains its elasticity and smoothness while obtaining a velvet touch with a fresh, radiant, healthy look!

Love Affair (Honeymooners’ Experience)

Get flirty! Get cozy! Get playful! And stay in the mood for love! This treatment is a tribute to loved couples who enjoy every little moment together, who are playful and like to indulge in their partner’s surprises. This treatment is dedicated to that love which makes you feel free, that love which inspires you, that love which makes you want to try new things.


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