Cycladic Art Mug


The anthropomorphic design of this particular cup reflects our interest in modern ceramics in relation to the distant past. It is shaped by hand with a high temperature beige sandy clay that creates a natural, organic feel. An integral part of the final result is the cylindrical earring in the ear – a handle that gives uniqueness and authentic beauty.

Due to the handmade nature, our ceramics may have small variations, but we love them as they show how with our hands we have formed and finished each product. Hand washing is recommended.

Dimensions: D 10,5 cm x H 10 cm

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Unique handmade creations

We create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. We work with artisans throughout Greece, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece creates a story, which makes each product an individually crafted masterpiece The traditional skills used by our suppliers have been handed down from generation to generation. We value this age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive. We love the character in each item, the handmade nature of our products is what we believe sets us apart.


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